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Tivity Studios does all things WordPress

Over 30% of the Internet runs on WordPress

If you need a Website at any-level, it’s hard to beat WordPress. EZ to install and EZ to manage.

Web Apps
Custom Applications

WordPress at it’s core is a Web App and now with the REST API… nothings impossible!

Need a developer to customize?

So you have a WordPress site but it’s not doing what you want? We’re here to help!!

Need for speed?

Ok WordPress is EZ right? We’ll only if you follow best practices and know how to optimize it. Test your site now!!

Advanced CMS
WordPress is much more than a blog!

Rights, Roles, Groups, Content Isolation, Moderation, Registration – we help you unleash the CMS features of WordPress.

Mobile Responsive
50% of users are on a mobile device!

Need help with your WordPress site conforming to a different devices – we can help!

Security & Hardening
Prevention & Remediation

We use the highest security practices for WordPress found today; we not only can keep you safe… but also can help you clean an infected site.

Managed & Unmanaged

We use the top cloud providers in the world today; we have both managed hosting, CPANEL hosting for those DIY’selfers, and enterprise hosting w/ dev, test, prod workflow!

Industry Solutions
Government, EDU, Health Care & Enterprise

We have tailored solutions to help large industries streamline their Web presence both in the private and public sectors. Tivity can also help with Use Cases and we are familiar with RFP’s!

WordPress currently powers 30% of the Internet and 50,000 new WordPress sites are added daily!


Benefits of using WordPress

Here are just a few reasons why we choose WordPress first

One-click installation & setup... instant Website!

WordPress is the Apple of the Internet; super easy to get a Website up and running! The quicker you get your Website up the faster you are making $$!

Built in CMS features, control panel dashboard w/ login

Right out of the box WordPress has CORE features to make administration very EZ for one user or many users!

Language Translation and RTL (right-to-left) support

53% of the entire Internet uses only the English language… However, only 25% of the world speaks english??

SEO Friendly!! Search engines and Google love WordPress

WordPress is one of the best, if not the best content management systems when it comes to SEO.

Themes, Plugins & Extensions

One of the best features about WordPress is… if you want to add a new functionality like an Event Calendar… you just install a plugin and configure!

Budget Minded and Cost Effective

If you’re on a budget or maybe a startup? WordPress can get you off the ground with little cost or maybe you’re an enterprise that just needs to reduce overhead.

Open Source, Community & Third Party Vendors

There is virtually nothing you can’t do with WordPress thanks to the community that has contributed to it. If you’re not familiar with GPL and Open Source contributions – no one says it better than the founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg.

Do you have questions on WordPress? We can answer them...

We have been using WordPress since 2005