Going IPO

Enterprise Level Development



  • Items in Kickstarter Plan
  • In-Depth Marketing Strategies
  • Custom Graphical Ads
  • Custom Content
  • E-Commerce / Shopping Cart
  • Events
  • Schedule / Booking
  • Portfolios
  • CMS Functionality
  • Advanced Forms
  • Polls / Surveys


Businesses that absolutely want the highest standards for their Website presence; this raises the bar compared to our other plans. We recommend our premiere hosting plan when purchasing this solution.

Advanced CMS Configuration: This solution comes with our advanced CMS practices so if you will be having multiple people from your team posting content; Tivity Studios makes this process and workflow easy – please call w/ questions.

*Remember these are just common pricing plans; if custom development is need we will bid you out for that. However, to note that this pricing will give you a complete Website – however depending on scope of project there will be times custom coding and solutions will be necessary.